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"I would highly recommend her services. My daughter was having trouble adapting to a new algebra 2 curriculum. Ms. Jo-Anne was patient with her and made sure she really was understanding what was asked and how to do the work easier. She is also great at working with what you need specifically from a entire lesson, question, homework help, etc. With quick responses!"

Crystal G.

"My son went from getting D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s in algebra with Ms JV’s help! And he doesn’t complain about his sessions - which is an added bonus with a teenager:) "

Rikki B.

“Jo-anne has been tutoring my daughter in Accelerated Algebra 2 all year. My daughter has improved tremendously. Most of all, she has gained confidence and learned to enjoy Algebra better. I greatly recommend her. She is very patient, flexible & makes herself available for when we need her the most. I have been a teacher myself for over 30 years and there are some that just leave a lasting impression. Jo-anne is one of them! I love how my daughter’s eyes light up when I say, Jo-anne is available tonight!”. It is a relief for my daughter & I. My daughter had surgery this year and was out of school for quite some time. She made sure that Jessica did not fall behind. I am looking forward to having her tutor both of my girls next year! After all, she makes high school Math enjoyable.”

Danielle S.

"I had to reach out to Joanne just to make sure my tutoring of middle school students was accurate. I had her show me the review of some Algebra 2 questions. Joanne’s excellent knowledge and patience set me at ease. Because of her I was able to perform better when explaining complete algebraic expressions to my students with confidence.”

James Balzano

"...I also wanted to thank you for your tutoring me. You made such a huge impact on me. I do not think I would have gone to graduate school without your help to get through the math and sciences!..."

Izzy R.

"JV is top notch! I have personally seen how wonderful JV has been in creating great confidence in assisting young adults build better knowledge in all math proficiency skills. I would highly recommend her for online tutoring! Good tutors are really hard to find, and I was very fortunate to have her during those difficult middle, and high school years for our family!"

Dee D

“JoAnne is a wonderful math tutor for my daughter and I have highly recommended her to others. She has a wonderful personality & uses it to focus on any positive attributes & thoughts to support the child’s confidence in figuring it out. In my opinion, she pushes forward yet remains on task giving helpful hints as to why this or that will be needed in future math courses and entrance exams. She’s always flexible with time constraints & offers an “extra” or “extended” session prior to exams & quizzes. I wish she taught all subjects!”

Traci P

“Jo-Anne really helped my daughter, who was struggling in math, to bring her grades up, be successful, and increase her confidence in and enjoyment of math.”

Kendall D

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