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Online. I use FaceTime, Google, Skype, and/or Zoom, etc. With FaceTime, I my point the camera at the paper and you see what I am writing as you hear my voice, very similar to if you were sitting right next to me. Then I send pictures, including notes, of our session work. With the other options I can share the screen with you and we can access pictures and other content and even write together as I have a tablet and stylus.


I charge per session and offer prepaid packages of sessions.


Please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible.


I feel it is important to include some specifics about the way that I tutor so that you can better evaluate what I have to offer as assistance to you and in your child's education.


I'm an online tutor with decades of experience in improving math understanding and building confidence in a supportive and positive way! We learn, smile and celebrate victories! I individualize everything to match the student and  curriculum. No negativity! Even teachers have hired me to teach their own children.


Now is the more important part: you and your child(ren).




Initial Consultation (Free) - 


The consultation is an in-depth conversation with the parents where I have some questions but more importantly, I want to listen to you. 


Some of it includes:


What are your goals?


If any, what are the problems your child is experiencing?


Are there no problems and you would prefer to get ahead or have special instruction to expand on topics?


What are you seeing as particular difficulties?


Is your child not challenged enough and would like to learn more?


What are any additional things that you would like help with from me, please?


If you are not a homeschooler:

If anything, what has the teacher communicated?


Whether or not you are a homeschooler:

I can tutor the student and/or the parents.


Although I have different platforms available for tutoring based on your technology and preferences, these initial free consultations are usually by phone. Zoom and FaceTime are also options.




Before the Sessions -


I have my students and or parents send pictures (or links, etc.) in advance of the session (as early as possible) so the instructional time is preserved. That gives me time to have their materials and mine prepared in advance.




What's Included in the Sessions - 


A session with me includes 50(+) minutes of instructional time. I don't like to stop in the middle of something so that gives flexibility to finish what I'm teaching in a sensible way. It also gives me a few minutes to make sure the student is comfortable with what they've learned.


Included in this time is preparation and communications with teachers and/or families. 


I send pictures after the sessions by text or email. They include pictures of our work, and they include special notes regarding those types of problems, so the student and/or parents have references for after this sessions. The notes can include formulas and special tips on how to avoid errors in those particular types of problems, and other supporting information.


You learn ways to avoid the usual pitfalls in math topics because part of my method of instruction includes ways to avoid the usual mistakes in the math they are learning.


One of the features of my tutoring is I instill or bring back confidence in my students. I include a lot of praise and reassurance, and we smile!


Although there are other factors involved that are outside of my control, many of my students improve their grades and their scores quite quickly.




Payment -


My sessions are paid in advance through PayPal. By paying for multiple sessions in advance, you can be guaranteed your spots in the schedule. 


The rates are as follows for professional level tutoring:


I charge $65 - $105 for a 50(+) minutes session. Additional time is prorated.


Whatever you decide, I send my best wishes! Your child(ren) can win at math!!


Jo-anne Ventevogel 

Tutor, 305-450-3791 

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